First aid training for all employees is highly recommended for the safety and prevention of illness or injury in the workplace, and it’s a legal requirement as a company to ensure your employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. It is a legal requirement that you need to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and have employees who are trained and able to respond to emergency situations and provide aid before further support arrives. To get a better understanding of how first aid training will benefit your business and your employees, check out our top 7 benefits of first aid training:

1. It can save lives

This is, of course, the most obvious reason for first aid. First aid training gives your staff the confidence and ability to react immediately to an incident, injury or illness. Take CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for example. It has been reported time and again that many lives have been saved due to fast reaction and CPR aid given during critical and life threatening accidents, injuries or health complications in the workplace.

2. It can reduce the number of accidents in the workplace

When your employees undertake a first aid course, they become more safety aware and can spot hazards and potential incidents before they occur. Your employees will be more alert to their surroundings and will raise issues with you more quickly when they understand the risks and dangers. Employee awareness will reduce the number of accidents that occur in the workplace through diligence and knowledge.

3. It gives your employees confidence and clarity during an emergency

A First aid course doesn’t just train your team on how to treat a casualty in need of first aid, it will build their confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear, confusion or feeling overwhelmed.

4. First aid kits are used properly

Do your employees know where the first aid kit is and where they can access it quickly? By enroling as a group to complete a First Aid course your team will know exactly what should be in the first aid kit with the ability to maintain it properly, they’ll be able to use the first aid kit in an emergency – again saving time and reducing the impact of the illness or injury.

5. It can reduce recovery time

Did you know that rapid reaction to illness or injury, before further aid such as an ambulance arrives can not only save lives, but also reduce recovery time of the casualty. If that casualty is an employee, that means they’ll return to the workplace quicker, with less impact on the business.

6. It can keep your employees safe outside of the workplace

It’s not just in your workplace where good first aid training is essential – your employees will have these skills for life, especially if you maintain ongoing refresher courses. This means they can treat themselves, their family and friends and the general public effectively should an emergency occur.

7. It’s a great team-building exercise

First Aid Training creates a great opportunity to learn a skill together, one that will help them look after one another, it brings them closer together. Previous corporate first aid courses have reported more awareness of their co-workers well being following our first aid training.


Why choose First Aid Sunshine Coast? 

  • Booking as a group will deliver significant savings per employee
  • You can receive discount rewards with a simple and efficient payment methods
  • We can deliver the training at your workplace or ours. Providing you with flexible delivery options that will suit your business.
  • We can customise the timing of the course to suit your business requirements including - out of hours, over a couple of days, and even a weekend
  • We notify you in advance when your first aid renewals are due with ongoing support
  • We will work with you to customise and deliver first aid training that is relevant and workplace related. Our clients comment on how to we develop simulated ‘real life’ practical scenarios based on your risk assessments
  • If a major first aid incident does occur in the workplace, following our first aid training we will conduct a debriefing service in the workplace to identify any improvements required as part of the response and give first aid responders confidence and feedback
  • We have a multipurpose conveniently located training facility with all the necessary first aid related equipment. 

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